Parent Teacher Conferences Fall 2021-22

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Parent Teacher Conferences, Fall


Innovation will host Parent Teacher Conferences virtually, vis MS Teams, on the afternoon Thursday, October 21 and all day Friday, October 22.  Teachers have created 20-minute time slots, which parents may schedule via Bloomz (directions here).  Some time slots may be in advance of the two dedicated dates.  A list of teacher-specific Bloomz access codes can be found below.  If you have any trouble securing a conference time via Bloomz, please reach out to your student’s individual teacher directly.

IMPORTANT: Using an APS-issued device will be the easiest way to access the Microsoft Teams meeting link that your teacher will send you directly.  If using a personal device, please make sure to download Microsoft Teams in advance of the session.  If you have any trouble logging on to a Teams meeting, please call the Innovation main office at 703-228-2700 for support.

Class Register for a 20-minute time slot on Bloomz using this class code.
Prekindergarten – Ms. Mejia HEWE62
Prekindergarten – Ms. Vicens 7ZUV57
Kindergarten – Ms. Bato AB93YV
Kindergarten – Ms. Ettelt STFQCE
Kindergarten – Ms. Neal GQTJEK
1st grade – Ms. Bokum AZV6WV
1st grade – Ms. Meade 5FQ63C
1st grade – Ms. Worley SJN365
2nd grade – Ms. Cherubim GZA7EF
2nd grade – Ms. Mills PRTH7U
2nd grade – Ms. Ritt 7YS3H3
3rd grade – Ms. Connelly WCMG59
3rd grade – Ms. Ezrow QAN9H3
3rd grade – Mr. Knott 3WTEQF
4th grade – Ms. Petroskey JQANRP
4th grade – Ms. Probasco 9MPUNG
4th grade – Ms. Wilsher 5THP9S
5th grade – Ms. Kerley 8U7TAV
5th grade – Ms. Maniace MJ4WN4