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Innovate for Impact

A sign that says Innovate for Impact

Innovation’s Exemplary Project is called Innovate for Impact. Our goal is to engage students in creativity, collaboration, and innovation to identify and solve problems. To approach problem identification and problem solving in an empathetic way, our project uses the Design Thinking Framework to guide students’ thinking process.

This year, staff and students will be learning more about Design Thinking. Students in grades 3-5 will have a chance to apply what they learn during a specials rotation in our Innovator Lab. As a school, we will also engage in opportunities for service to build our compassionate connections to our community.

We are excited to grow this project and for our students to have an impact on their communities and engage deeply with their learning.

A visual representation of the Design Thinking framework.    A description of each stage of the Design Thinking process.


Exemplary Project Documents can be accessed here.