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Permission to Walk/Bike/Roll Home Alone (2nd – 5th graders)

August 5, 2022

Safety Patrols

August 11, 2021

Welcome Innovation Safety Patrols! Are you a 4th or 5th grader and interested in being a Safety Patrol for...

Lunch Menus

March 16, 2021


November 23, 2020

Innovation’s school counselors, Carrie Strohl and Amanda Luong, are excellent resources to support students.  Please click the “+” at...

Fifth Grade

November 17, 2020

Innovation’s fifth grade teachers Emily Garcia Jill Hawald Kerley, Katherine Maniace, Emily McReynolds, Sarah Jessica Priest Lizzie Rubio

Fourth Grade

November 17, 2020

Innovation’s fourth grade teachers Campbell, Meredith Ezrow, Marissa Hutcherson, Ashley Kyle, Ellie Priest, Jessica Rubio, Lizzie

Third Grade

November 17, 2020

Innovation’s third grade teachers Connelly, Maggie Gorecki, Kimberlee Green, Anna Knott, Keith Laurell, Jacqueline Ward, Maya Get conversations started...

Second Grade

November 17, 2020

Innovation’s second grade teachers Edmonds, Kennedy Le Menestrel, Zoé Malloy-Moran, Megan Mangle, Jasmine Ritt, Sophia Smith, Leah Ward, Maya

First Grade

November 17, 2020

Innovation’s first grade teachers Corrigan, Jill Ettelt, Mary Meade, Perry Ngeke, Joso Laurell, Jackie Malloy-Moran, Megan (not pictured)


November 17, 2020

Innovation’s kindergarten teachers are excited to help 5- and 6-year-olds make big strides. Bato, Julie Duncan, Wendy Kilby, Capri...