Student Services

The Student Services team at Innovation is thrilled to work with Huskies!

picture of Innovation's student services team for school year 22-23
Top Row, Left to Right: Gianna Amplo (Speech/Language Pathologist), Kaitlyn Mejia (CPP Teacher), Alix Ferguson (SPED Teacher), James Siddall (School Psychologist), Samantha Gift-Attoh (School Social Worker), Katie Holman (School Counselor), Heather Ellis (SPED Teacher), Ellen Overby (Occupational Therapist), Dashdorj Danzannyam (SPED Assistant) Middle Row, Left to Right: Sabrina Troisi (CPP Teacher), Kousar Chatha (SPED assistant), Maya Ward (SPED teacher), Emily Garica (SPED teacher), Carrie Strohl (School Counselor), Ashley Hutcherson (SPED Teacher), Johniece Marquez (SPED Assistant) Bottom Row, Left to Right: Jill Hawald (SPED teacher), Elizabeth Walsh (Student Support Coordinator), Naomi Moir (SPED teacher), Adiya Enkhtaivan (SPED Assistant)
  • Ms. Samantha Gift-Attoh, Social Worker (M, T, W)
  • Ms. Ellen Overby, Occupational Therapist (M, T, W, and ½ Th)
  • Ms. Gianna Amplo, Speech Language Pathologist (M, T, W, ½ Th, and ½ F)
  • Dr. James Siddall, Psychologist (M, T, W)
  • Ms. Renee Sturgill, Physical Therapist (M)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Walsh, Student Support Coordinator (T, W, Th, F)